The EEA and Norway Grants at a glance

€2.8 billion, split between 14 Beneficiary States to help reduce social and economic disparities and strengthen cooperation – that’s the EEA and Norway Grants. But have you ever wondered what that means concretely? What projects have the Grants funded in your region? How do they support topics that matter to you?

Answers to all these questions are now at your fingertips. The EEA and Norway Grants Data and results portal is a visual dashboard that gives you the whole story. This includes the geographical spread of funding and projects, results indicators and partnership overviews, all filtered by countries and thematic areas. The portal covers the current 2014-2021 funding period and the previous 2009-2014 funding period and is updated in real-time.

What can you find on the portal? Let’s take a look at three examples.


Are you looking to understand how the funding works? Look no further than the homepage. Here, you can learn how much funding is allocated to each Beneficiary State, how many projects have been funded to date, or how likely newly built partnerships are to continue beyond the scope of the project.

Are results more your cup of tea? Take a look at the ‘results at a glance’ section and see what we have achieved with the Grants so far.


Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals reflect a shared global vision for a peaceful and prosperous world through sustainable and fair development. Through the Grants, the Donor States empower public authorities, civil society, the private sector and academia in the Beneficiary States to take concrete actions to deliver on the shared commitment to fulfilling the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

On the Global goals page, you can learn how the Grants contribute to each goal, slice the data geographically and see what concrete results we have achieved.


Would you like to know which Czech projects have a partner in Liechtenstein, Iceland or Norway? Or maybe, you are curious about how much is allocated to projects in Latvia that contribute to a Competitive Europe from the EEA Grants only?

Financial Mechanisms, countries, sectors, projects and more act as a filter that follows you throughout your journey through the portal. For instance, select Greece on the landing page’s wheel, click on Cooperation, and you will see how many projects in Greece have a partner, which sectors and programme areas are supported, and who is partnering up with Greek project promoters.

These are just a few examples of what you can do on our Data and results portal. Visit it now and learn everything there is to know about the Grants and so much more.

And in case you are not familiar with our terms, take a look at the glossary of all Grants-specific terms.

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway – the three EEA and Norway Grants Donor States – emphasise transparency as one of the core values of the EEA and Norway Grants. The Data and results portal helps them ensure that this value is upheld and that the Grants remain accountable to the public. Furthermore, the Donor States have a zero-tolerance policy on corruption and mismanagement in the EEA and Norway Grants. Learn more about how we address fraud and irregularities on