Report fraud and irregularities

Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway have a zero-tolerance policy on corruption and mismanagement in the EEA and Norway Grants. Complaints and alerts on suspected fraud and irregularities may be submitted directly to any agency involved in the implementation of the grant schemes, including the Financial Mechanism Office (FMO).

The EEA and Norway Grants follow a policy of good governance, and their implementation are founded on the principles of openness, transparency and accountability.

In line with Article 12.7 of the Regulations on the implementation of the EEA and Norwegian Financial Mechanisms, each Beneficiary State has established a complaint mechanism which handles complaints and alerts on suspected fraud and irregularities.

Complaints and alerts may also be shared with the FMO who will promptly follow up on the suspected fraud and irregularities according to internal procedures. Ensuring the anonymity of the complainant and confidentiality of the information submitted to the FMO is of the highest importance.

Members of the public who suspect mismanagement or corruption under the EEA and Norway Grants are encouraged to share their concerns with the National Focal Point, FMO or other agent responsible for the management of the grant schemes. Please provide as detailed information as possible about the facts you are aware of. Complaints addressed to the FMO should be submitted in English.

Complaints and alerts on suspected fraud and irregularities may be submitted to any of the following agencies:

National Focal Points for the EEA and Norway Grants
Contact details for all Focal Points.

National audit institutions or ombudsmen in the Beneficiary States

Financial Mechanism Office 
- Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway's secretariat for the EEA and Norway Grants

Postal address:
Financial Mechanism Office
EFTA House
Avenue des Arts 19 H
1000 Brussels, Belgium

Norwegian Office of the Auditor General (Riksrevisjonen)
- audit and control institution supervising the FMO and the Norway Grants

Postal address: 
P.O. Box 8130 Dep 
0032 Oslo, Norway 
Tel: +47 22 24 10 00 

For the Active Citizens Funds, complaints may be submitted to the relevant Fund Operator

An overview of the Fund Operators can be found here.

General enquiries and questions
Please contact FMO's communication team:

Report on Fraud and Irregularities

Consult the Report on Fraud and Irregularities: EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014 for an overview of all closed fraud and irregularity cases of the 2009-2014 funding period.