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EEA Grants

Romania (RO15)

Key Facts

Enhanced human capital and knowledge base in the Beneficiary States
Programme operator:
The National Agency for Community Programmes in the Field of Education and Vocational Training
Donor programme partner:
Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNIS), National Agency for International Education Affairs (AIBA), Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Education (SIU),
Programme number:
Date of approval:
17 June 2013
Total grants amount:
€ 4,500,000.00
From EEA Grants:
€ 4,500,000.00
From Norway Grants:
Programme areas:
PA19 - Scholarships
The projects may be implemented until 2016/2017

Calls for proposals

There are no further calls for proposals.

More information

Programme website Overview of projects Programme Agreement EEA Grants Romania country page

Programme Agreements, including annexes, are published on the website as signed. Any subsequent amendments are not reflected.

Programme Summary


Why we support scholarship and education in Romania
Education and training are at the core of the European strategies for economic and social development. International cooperation is an important element in efforts to improve the quality and relevance of the education offered at Romanian higher education institutions.
Cooperation and exchanges between higher education institutions Romania and in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are less developed than between other EEA states. The programme will contribute with much needed funding to increase cooperation and exchange with institutions in the donor states that will contribute to modernisation of higher education in Romania.

What the key priorities are
•    Increase mobility for higher education student and staff between Romania and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
•    Improve academic cooperation between higher education institutions in Romania and the donor states
•    Strengthen the competence of students, academic, research and administrative staff in Romanian higher education  institutions through cooperation and mobility exchange

What we will achieve
•    336 higher education students and 120 staff will take part in exchange between Romania and the donor states
•    Ten cooperation projects between higher education institutions in Romania and the donor states. Projects could be intensive programmes, support for faculty-based cooperation in higher education, development of common programmes, development or preparation of new teaching tools and methods, cooperation between enterprises and higher education institutions

Who will benefit
•    Students at all levels (including doctoral studies) of higher education institutions
•    Teachers, trainers, managers, leaders and other staff in higher education institutions
•    Higher education institutions having an Erasmus University Charter approved by the European Commission
•    Associations and representatives of associations involved in higher education, including relevant student, university, and teacher/trainer associations
•    Enterprises, social partners and other representatives of working life cooperating with higher education institutions
•    80% of the total amount will go to students and academic staff mobility. 20% will go to cooperation projects between institutions. At least 10% of amount will target Roma

How will bilateral relations be strengthened
The programme will contribute to increased cooperation between educational institutions in the donor states and in Romania. All projects will be carried out in cooperation with a partner from at least one donor state.