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Romania (RO09)

Key Facts

Strengthened civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development
Programme operator:
Civil Society Development Foundation
Donor programme partner:
Programme number:
Date of approval:
15 January 2013
In implementation
Total grants amount:
€ 36,330,000.00
From EEA Grants:
€ 36,330,000.00
From Norway Grants:
Programme areas:
PA10 - Funds for non-governmental organisations
The projects may be implemented until 2016/2017

Calls for proposals

There are no further calls for proposals.

More information

Programme website Overview of projects Programme Agreement EEA Grants Romania country page

Programme Agreements, including annexes, are published on the website as signed. Any subsequent amendments are not reflected.


Programme Summary


Why we support civil society in Romania
Civil society across Central and Southern Europe, including Romania, faces many constraints and challenges. During  the EU accession process, civil society was a key player, contributing in the area of democracy, the rule of law, human rights and respect for and protection of minorities. These organisations were to a large degree funded by the EU. Since Romania’s EU accession in 2007, civil society organisations have had to re-assess priorities, extend and diversify their fields of action while being confronted with considerably reduced funding sources.  The EEA and Norway Grants are now an important source of funding for civil society in Romania.
The programme will contribute to tackle critical social issues of concern in Romania. Protecting human rights and empowering vulnerable groups, such as minorities and Roma in particular, is a key concern for the NGO fund in Romania. 

What the key priorities are and what we will achieve
•    Citizens’ engagement: participation in decision-making and community engagement, volunteering, encouraging democratic values. The programme aims to mobilise over
10 000 new volunteers participating in NGO projects dealing with issues such as protection of human rights, good governance and fighting corruption.

•    Social justice: rural inter-ethnic community development and fighting social inequalities, poverty, exclusion of marginalised groups such as Roma. Promoting gender equality and fighting gender-based violence. Over 180 NGO projects will implement activities that promote rights of Roma and other marginalised groups or fight social inequalities.

•    Sustainable development including biodiversity and environmental protection, ecotourism, increased environmental awareness, education in schools, public participation. Over 100 projects will be supported in this area.

•    Welfare and basic services for vulnerable groups such as children and youth at risk, disabled, Roma and victims of domestic violence. At least 20% of the total programme allocation will support projects in these areas.

•    Combating hate speech, extremism, racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, sexual harassment, violence against women and trafficking, promoting tolerance, supporting Roma. €440 000 is set aside for combating hate speech and hate crime.

Who will benefit
The NGO programme will channel support to civil society organisations in Romania. At least 10% of the programme allocation will target the Roma population, 10 % will target children and youth.

Partnership opportunities
Applicants needs to be registered as NGOs in Romania, but entities from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway are encouraged to participate as project partners.