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NGO Fund

EEA Grants

Spain (ES03)

Key Facts

Strengthened civil society development and enhanced contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development
Programme operator:
The NGO Platform of Social Action
Donor programme partner:
Programme number:
Date of approval:
23 April 2013
Total grants amount:
€ 4,585,000.00
From EEA Grants:
€ 4,585,000.00
From Norway Grants:
Programme areas:
PA10 - Funds for non-governmental organisations
The projects may be implemented until 2016/2017

Calls for proposals

There are no further calls for proposals.

More information

Programme website Overview of projects Programme Agreement EEA Grants Spain country page

Programme Agreements, including annexes, are published on the website as signed. Any subsequent amendments are not reflected.


Programme Summary