AI and AR modules to enhance speech therapy for children and speech therapists

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Speakquest SRL(RO)
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In implementation
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This EEA and Norway Grants-supported project, led by Speakquest SRL, a start-up founded in 2020 in Brasov, is dedicated to developing AI-driven solutions for children with speech and cognitive deficiencies. The Voxi products, consisting of SaaS and a mobile app, are aimed at enhancing various language skills. The project introduces VoxiClinic, a teletherapy platform, and VoxiKids App, enabling children to continue speech development at home. Aligned with the EU Strategy on the Rights of the Child, this initiative utilizes advanced AI and Augmented Reality tools to improve pronunciation and speech capacities, aiding children in better integrating into school and social environments, with a special focus on L2 learners.

This project aims at increasing Speakquest''s competitiveness, and aims at having created 5 new jobs as well as signficantly increasing turnover by the end of the project. Further the goal is to create a new innovative AI solution to be integrated to the already existing VoxiKids App and VoxiClinic platform.

The extended project aims to expand its reach by adding English and Spanish support, making it more comprehensive and unique compared to competitors who do not leverage AI for speech therapy. The incorporation of AI-driven exercises, fine-tuning for English and Spanish, and adherence to compliance measures set a technological benchmark.

This project also has a strong bilateral component. Through a strategic relationship, Norwegian company OSINT (Open-Source Intelligence) Analytics, a platform for data collection and analysis that offers superior analytics, intelligence, and insights on a particular subject or sector, will create additional modules and functions for Voxi. With the aid of their expertise, the applicant will be better able to comprehend the unique demands of the Norwegian speech therapy market, modify their product to meet those needs, and expand their clientele in the donor nation.

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