Development and improvement of environmentally friendly packaging products through new greener technology

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Greiner Packaging SRL(RO)
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In implementation
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The project general objective is to increase economic competitiveness and reduce the environmental impact of promoters'' products and processes, through development and improvement of environmentally friendly packaging products through new greener technologies, but also to build a sustainable Life Cycle Assessment.

Specific objectives are:

- improve the environmental impact of the company through reducing the energy consumption and materials consumption, by introducing a new Inline technology

- development and implementation of an innovative product for company: new cardboard plastic combination - K3H product. Different material combinations can be developed depending the application of the packaging for food and non-food products to reduce the CO2 emission, Cardboard segments can be produced from virgin or recycle paper. One of the biggest advantage of the cardboard -plastic combination is the possibility of easy separation of the plastic part from the cardboad which helps the recycling process.  

- development of a new green product opaque foil container with special sensor. The promoter will develop together with the Norwegian partner Sintef a tailor-made device which identifies the broken pouches in an opaque container.

- development and implementation a innovative processes in company with the second Norwegian partner (International Development Norway): the method for LCA (life cycle assessment) for thermoforming process. The main purpose is to assess environmental impacts associated with all the stages of a product''s life from raw material extraction through materials

- implementation of innovative technologies in company: implementation of the first prototype of pick-up stacker-dedicated - for round and rectangular cups which will manufacture in premiere for the company.

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