MediMARE: Mediation in Maritime Disputes

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Project promoter:
University of Coimbra(PT)
Project Number:
In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
Sammfunnsforskning AS(NO)
Other Project Partners
Faculty of Science and Technology - New University of Lisbon(PT)
Polytechnic Institute of Leiria(PT)

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The project aims to explore the usage of mediation, an extrajudicial mean of conflict resolution, in maritime disputes.

These are of great complexity given the fact that they may involve the application of different laws; they may imply the application or consideration of several professional, corporate and ethical rules; and they may be relevant for different stakeholders (shipping companies; seafarers), but also for the wider public and citizens.

Therefore, Mediation finds in the maritime area a particularly rich field for development, but that is still underexplored. The purpose of this project is to unlock the potential of mediation in maritime issues, in order to promote an equitable and safety culture for all involved.

The project will address these challenges through a sum of deliverables. It includes an innovatory course in maritime affairs, continues with an intensive program on the maritime dimensions of mediation, and is followed by an Event and a Guidebook. Also, it previews a professional internship as a form of establishing a “list” of mediators with specialized competencies.As an end-result, the project plans to:1. Increase the knowledge on mediation and maritime disputes;2. Help to train a generation on maritime mediation;3. Draw attention to the complexity of maritime and international laws and regulations and ways to better apply them;4. Promote the use of mediation as a tool to solve maritime disputes.From this project, students, mediators, maritime professionals and other persons interested in acquiring competencies in maritime mediation will benefit, by providing adequate vocational training.

All partners will work collaboratively. However, NTNU Social Research will be the main responsible for the research taxonomy and UC will be responsible for most of the dissemination activities of the project. IPL Leiria will be the main responsible for the intensive training Program; while MARE will receive traineeships under the scope of the project.

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