Blue Growth Innovation and SMEs

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Directorate General for Maritime Policy
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Increased value creation and sustainable growth

Programme summary

Programme Concerns

A pre-defined project in the area of capacity building in maritime education and training will be developed in the concept note phase.

Approximately 30% of the total eligible expenditure of the programme shall be allocated to component(s) addressing a) Research and b) Education, Scholarships, Apprenticeships and Youth Entrepreneurship.

Approximately 70% of the total eligible expenditure of the programme shall be allocated to the programme area Business Development, Innovation and SMEs with a focus on blue growth.

Cooperation between research institutions and SMEs in order to facilitate commercialization of innovative ideas, products and processes, shall be encouraged.

Dedicated financial instruments may be explored in the concept note development phase.

In developing the concept note and during the implementation of the programme, the Programme Operator shall seek to ensure synergies with the programme “Environment, Climate Change and Low Carbon Economy”.

Innovation Norway (IN) will be the lead Donor Programme Partner.

The requirement to allocate at least 50% of the funding to green industry innovation under the Programme Area “Business Development, Innovation and SMEs” shall not apply.

Bilateral Ambitions

€200,000 shall be allocated to the programme from the fund for bilateral relations. This does not prevent the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds from allocating additional funds to the programme.

Information on the projects funded by the EEA and Norway Grants is provided by the Programme and Fund Operators in the Beneficiary States, who are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this information.