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Câmara Municipal de Cascais(PT)

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Seaweed forests are among one of the most productive habitats on earth, with a lot of associated benefits (e.g carbon and nutrient sequestration, increased biodiversity etc.), but have been decreasing at incredibly fast rates all across the world. Portugal is no exception and being Portugal the southern limit of cold-water species, it brought the necessity for the creation of SeaForester. Ultimately, we want to conserve and restore these habitats through research and sales of services to local coastal municipalities and companies.

In order to achieve this, we’ve planned for the creation of an institution combining research, project management, financial advice and communication. The initiative SeaForester was initially created in 2018, but now with this fund we expect to draw on our experience of coordinating and participating in restoration projects in Portugal and elsewhere, in order to create new synergies, develop key materials and produce impactful communication strategies to support the launch of new restoration projects.

Ultimately, and by restoring seaweed forests, we will be improving the health of all the surrounding ocean, creating positive effects on those directly and indirectly related to the sea.

The workplan is divided into 4 main activities:

Activity #1 – Organization set-up and project management

Activity #2 – Services for municipal and corporate projects

Activity #3 – Financing mechanisms

Activity #4 – Communication

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