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The project proposal is aimed at developing, in an innovative way for our education, educational programs and campaigns to raise awareness of climate change, namely by presenting them in the form of educational comics, which in an easily accessible and a fun way to pass on knowledge and skills aimed at protecting the environment and raising awareness on climate change and science.

In them, children will participate in certain challenges in the form of themes-missions, which are subordinated to global problems related to nature protection in general in this way (for example, topics related to water, soil, biobuilding, biodiversity, air, etc.). The comic storyline will integrate into a system themes within which children will gain knowledge and actively participate in missions with their characters, experimenting with specific tasks in kindergarten or at home, and creating their own artefacts.

Team of experts will create the content of six thematic comics entitled “Time Travelers”. The textbooks will be delivered to six kindergartens along with relevant equipment for class activities and thematic bins for separate waste collection.

By turning educational programs into games and activities, we will be able to turn learning into a pleasant way for everyone, as well as for each of the participants to become like their hero, actively participating in the mission of saving the Earth.

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