Environment Protection and Climate Change

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Ministry of Environment and Water
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Programme Summary


Improved environmental status in ecosystems and reduced adverse effects of pollution and other human activities

Programme summary

This Annex sets out the operational rules for the programme. The programme agreement is based on the MOU, the concept note and comments made by the FMC. Commitments, statements and guarantees, explicit as well as implicit, made in the concept note, are binding for the National Focal Point and the Programme Operator unless otherwise explicitly stipulated in the annexes to this programme agreement.

The Programme Operator is the Ministry of Environment and Water. The Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA) is Donor Programme Partner (DPP).

The programme objective, "Improved environmental status in ecosystems and reduced adverse effects of pollution and other human activities", will be attained through four outcomes:

  • Outcome I : "Monetary valuation system for all Bulgarian ecosystems developed" 
    The outcome shall be supported through one pre-defined project (PDP) "Valuation and implementation of ecosystems services (VAIES)" (PDP no I).
  • Outcome 2: "Assessment, monitoring and management system of marine waters developed" 
    The outcome will be supported through one pre-defined project "SCience and Information towards Regional Environmental Action for the Black Sea (SCIRENA-Black Sea)" (PDP no. 2) and two small grant schemes (SGS): one on pilot models for marine water purification (SGS no. l) and one for measures to reduce marine litter (SGS no. 2).
  • Outcome 3: "Improved municipal resource management (Circular Economy)"
    The outcome will be supported through one call for proposals (call no. 2) and one SGS (SGS no. 3).
  • Outcome 4: "Increased ability of local communities to reduce emissions and to adapt to the changing climate" 
    The outcome will be suppolted through a pre-defined project "Implementation of innovative measures for mitigation and adaptation to climate change in municipalities in Bulgaria" (PDP no. 3), one call for proposals and one small grant scheme (SGS).

Programme Concerns

Exploring the potential for Carbon capture and storage shall be assessed in the concept note phase.

Bilateral Ambitions

€100,000 shall be allocated to the programme from the fund for bilateral relations. This does not prevent the Joint Committee for Bilateral Funds from allocating additional funds to the programme.

Information on the projects funded by the EEA and Norway Grants is provided by the Programme and Fund Operators in the Beneficiary States, who are responsible for the completeness and accuracy of this information.