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Digitalization is one of the most important challenges in the age of technology. Civil society organizations (CSOs) working to achieve social change cannot share with the community efficiently enough their experience, good practices and the results achieved from implementing projects over time  due to lack of skills for effective visual communication meeting the demands of modern society. The main goal of the project is to help civil sector representatives to build their visual identity and introduce and adapt visual communication methods in their daily work. The project will enable boosting the skills and capacity of the most important resources of the civil sector in Bulgaria, namely people. The employees of active CSOs will be trained to acquire specific visual communication skills and efficiently use them with a view to boosting the capacity of the civil sector in Bulgaria. As a result of the project, a network of digitally proficient representatives of CSOs will be set up, who will be competent to create attractive products promoting and advertising the work of the organizations among the general public and somewhat acting as multiplicators among their counterparts and partners. The project will benefit active civil society organizations in Bulgaria and the general public.

Summary of project results

The project was generally intended to help increase the capacity and sustainability of the civic sector, including civil society organisations. Its specific objective was to help representatives of the NGO sector to build their visual identity and to implement and adapt in their daily work the methods of visual communication. The goals were achieved by increasing the information and knowledge and building new skills of the representatives of the NGO sector, so necessary in the new digital age. The project outlined the new trends in visual communication, which today defines our image in front of the world and makes us recognizable and accessible for our partners and beneficiaries. As a result of the project, a network of digitally literate employees was established, capable of creating attractive products, promoting the activities of the NGO sector among the general public and acting as multipliers among their colleagues and partners.


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