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Association for the development of children and young people in the city of Vratza(BG)
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The issue of gender equality and prevention of gender-based violence has been facing the Bulgarian society for a long time. Despite the Protection against Domestic Violence Act, domestic violence still exists and remains hushed up. Victims of violence become financially and emotionally dependent people who cannot or do not know how to cope on their own. They face belittling, downplaying and various forms of discrimination. Our goal is to raise the awareness of citizens about the issue and use public discussions to present to them the opportunities for individual development and ways to prevent and protect from aggressive gender-based assaults. We plan to carry out two surveys looking to answer the following questions: what are the reasons for and the consequences of gender-based violence, how many people have been victims and/or witnesses of such violence, how can gender-based violence be avoided, do men and women have equal chances for career development and is the gender equality principle complied with. The findings from the surveys will be made available to the public to inform the citizens and have influence on the relevant local policies. In addition, the project envisages a workshop for employer and trade union organizations about workplace equality and equal career development. We plan to organize training for women, including of Roma background, to build and develop leadership and entrepreneurship skills with a view to women’s successful career development so that they do not become victims of violence. We also plan to train young people and develop a positive attitude in them based on respect for people from different gender. In discussion forums we would like to work for ideas and measures to prevent domestic violence and gender-based violence at local levelOur main target groups will be employer and trade union organizations and our final beneficiaries will be women and young people below 17.

Summary of project results

This project is the next in line of the organization’s initiatives in the field of limiting gender-based violence. Conducted were two sociological surveys among 600 respondents and four focus groups On the topics of “Domestic violence - reasons and consequences. Number of witnesses and/or victims.  Means to avoid it.” and “Are the career prospects equal for all, and is the equality principle abided by”.  Conducted were also two interactive trainings for young people on “Life without violence”, in which participated 42 trainees aged 15 to 17. In addition, an interactive training took place for women on the theme “Everything depends from me“ - with 28 participants. All project participants had the chance to learn more about the profiles of the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, how to avoid it, to protect themselves and to not tolerate it in any of its forms. A seminar was conducted for trade-union activists and employer organizations on which to discuss mechanisms for women’s career development and avoiding gender-based discrimination.  Consulted were 50 victims and witnesses of domestic violence. Public discussions were held which provided the local communities with information about the project activities and results, and debated means for preventing gender-based violence, we build partnerships and contacts, we raised awareness on the issue. 

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