Prevention through awareness

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Intelday Foundation(BG)
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M-Brain AS(NO)
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Media Moitor Ltd.(BG)

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The issue of domestic violence and gender-based violence (DVGBV) has gained growing popularity and recognition of the need to make informed decisions has led to the search for more up-to-date and comprehensive information about the issue. Several surveys and analyses of the issue have been carried out, one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date surveys being National Survey of Domestic Violence and Gender-based Violence in 2016. The latter survey focused on Roma women and girls. However, the fact remains that this issue involves not only the Roma community but society in general. That is why it is necessary to expand the scope to have a more complete picture. Nowadays the media have become an important source of information and they have influence over the raising, coverage and unfolding of important issues. That is why in order to present a more complete and comprehensive picture of the issue, it is necessary to follow and analyze how it is covered by different media types. The goal of this project is to follow the coverage of the issue of DVGBV in the media in Bulgaria and Norway by identifying the relevant media for gathering information and making an analysis to obtain further data for a more complete picture and by showing the role of the media on the issue of domestic violence and GBV. The project will include studying media coverage of domestic violence and GBV and organizing a communication campaign to involve different stakeholders in the analysis of the findings and disseminate them. The main project outcomes will be two analyses and a report, a glossary and two communication events to engage the stakeholders with the topic. The main target groups are civil society organizations working in this field, victims of domestic violence and GBV, the media, institutions and the general public.

Summary of project results

The project aimed to study the coverage of the topic of domestic violence and gender-based violence (DVGBV) in the traditional media in Norway as a country that has established and successfully operating practices related to DVGBV, and in Bulgaria.

A database with reflections on the topic was created and annotated and an analysis of the database with identified context and narrative and a meta-analysis with similarities and differences in the coverage of the topic in Bulgaria and Norway were carried out. A glossary of terms on the topic was prepared. Two meetings were held with stakeholder representatives to inform on the results of the project and two press conferences to ensure further publicity and information dissemination. Following the analysis, a report was prepared containing the findings and conclusions of the study.

The project provides guidance to the media to cover the examined topic in the long run. Moreover, the project provides the institutions and other stakeholders monitoring and analyzing the work of the media with a framework on which to compare the progress of the media environment in Bulgaria on the topic - until the media reality reaches the positive levels typical of Norway today. By bringing more information on the topic of DVGBV, the project contributes to making informed decisions by clarifying causes and consequences. The communication campaign addressed representatives of different stakeholders, and thus different points of view were taken into account, public debate and active involvement in the identification of problems and solutions was ensured. This also helped to disseminate the results of the project.

Summary of bilateral results

The contribution of the donor partners enriched the information on the causes, consequences and possible approaches for the prevention of gender-based violence and in relation to gender equality. The involvement of a donor organization that has strong expertise in its field, with experience and knowledge that it is ready to share, as well as the information campaign to disseminate the results contributed to provoking a more serious public debate on the topic in Bulgaria.

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