Migrants Got Talent

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Multi Kulti Collective(BG)
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A number of serious studies show that migrants and refugees have faced great stigmatization in the last 5 years in Bulgaria and these groups are often among the most vulnerable targets of hate speech. Migrants are usually present in the media as a target of the rhetoric of far right political parties, as an amorphous mass associated with crime, fear and trouble. Migrants with Talents is a long-term media campaign aiming to overcome negative stereotypes against migrants and refugees in Bulgaria. What is more, the campaign places in the limelight their unique talents, strengths, contribution to the country and empowers them to show up in public with their voice and signature talents. The campaign aims at “normalizing” their presence in society in the field of arts, cuisine, business, sports, beauty, travels, lifestyle, etc. and with the help of more than 30 media partners and 360 publications across the country reach the broadest possible audience with the message: migrants are talented. The project is a natural follow-up of the 8-year work of Multi Kulti including in the area of media campaigns to support diversity by relying on a two-sided approach: media publications and live events across the country. Supported by attractive elements of popular TV formats, our campaign plans to cooperate closely with a number of media by providing them with professional communication materials developed by media practitioners, students of journalism and migrants and refugees themselves (text, photo, video, audio, illustrations) as well as by connecting the media with appropriate migrants (for TV and radio). The project will benefit migrants and refugees who will be able to become the subject of attention and demonstrate their talents, the media that will get fresh good-quality content and the general public which will be enriched through media publications and live evets.

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