National LGBTI Legal Program

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LGBT Youth Organization Deystvie(BG)
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Bulgaria is at the bottom of the list in Europe in terms of protection of the rights of LGBTI people. Discrimination is institutionalized and the Penal Code does not recognize hate crimes against LGBTI people. The lack of political will to overcome the problem result not only in widespread homophobia and transphobia but also to politically incited hate speech which has led to an increase in hate crimes against LGBTI in the last year. The latter situation further results in closing of the LGBTI community and internalization of homophobia, failure to report out of fear of secondary discrimination and consequent self-isolation from social life of dozens of LGBTI people. The project aims at setting up National LGBTI Legal Programme covering the 5 district cities of Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Bourgas and Veliko Tarnovo.  The project will contribute to solving the issue through empowerment of the LGBTI community and providing them with a direct access to legal aid from professionals in the field of LGBTI rights. Litigation leads to official national statistics and reporting of an existing problem which in turn will bring about legislative changes and improve the life of LGBTI people in Bulgaria. The target groups and direct users are civil society organizations (directly: 40 NGOs, indirectly: up to 200 NGOs); lawyers (directly: 5 lawyers, indirectly: 100); LGBTI community (directly: 300, indirectly: 5000)

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