Youth volunteering in support of human rights

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Time Heroes Foundation(BG)
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In implementation
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We have witnessed the shrinking of the civil space and the normalization of hate speech and trampling of fundamental human rights in Bulgaria over the last years. At the same time civil society organizations (CSOs) are facing decreasing trust by the public. The project aims at enhancing support for human rights by sensitizing youth towards the need of equality and respect for human personality as well as by actively empowering them to build the society around them by providing them with useful, interesting and motivating resources and ideas about specific volunteering activities and initiatives of Bulgarian CSOs working in the field of human rights. The project will substantially increase the number of CSOs involving young people as volunteers. The project will also boost disapproval among the young people involved towards hate speech targeted at minorities. The project will: 1) support CSOs looking for volunteers for their causes related to human rights by setting up a new thematic section to the online platform, 2) increase the inclusion of young volunteers in NGO initiatives and campaigns, upholding human rights by developing diverse free thematic resources about the organization of thematic initiatives, expand the network of youth volunteer clubs of TimeHeroes, hold a series of intensive volunteer - activist camps for young people to develop working solutions and campaigns, unfold a series of engaging interactive campaigns, including monthly thematic challenges. What is more, in the context of financial instability in the civil sector in Bulgaria, volunteers are an irreplaceable resource and way for organizations with valuable expertise including in advocacy and human rights to direct their capacity to their core activity instead of survival. The main target group of the project are CSOs and the final users are children and young people aged 29.

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