International Human Rights Standards on Focus

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Foundation ""Bulgarian Lawyers for Human Rights""(BG)
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In implementation
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Bulgarian Helsinki Committee(BG)

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When it comes to support for human rights, each society has to constantly develop and get educated. The need to implement the activities under the project proposed stems from the identified insufficient capacity of the legal profession to defend fundamental rights and freedoms in line with international standards laid down in treaties ratified by Bulgaria, the absence of university education in human rights which can provide adequate knowledge about the standards of application of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the EU Charter in Bulgaria and concentration of knowledge in experts of a limited number of civil society organizations. The project aims to reach various representatives of the legal profession through different activities, increase their knowledge, experience and sensitivity about the issue of fundamental rights and freedoms and thus contribute to better application of the established standards. The setting up of a community of young jurists and the training of lawyers will help contribute to the development and sharing of knowledge and skills among the professionals from across Bulgaria. Dissemination of up-to-date legal information and strategic litigation will raise the level of knowledge of the standards among judges and representatives of the executive power, increased knowledge that will result in a change in the case law and legislation. As a result of the project 180 lawyers from different regions are expected to attend a three-day thematic training, 36 editions of the Human Rights Newsletter will be published, 10 legal opinions to national institutions and 3 opinions to the Committee of Ministers will be drafted and at least 10 strategic cases will be initiated. A community of young jurists who have attended practical and theoretical training will be set up. The direct beneficiaries of some of the project activities will be the public institutions which have received the legal opinions. 

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