Entrance For Citizens - CPF Network for Improvement of Local Public Consultations

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Citizen Participation Forum(BG)
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In implementation
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Bulgarian Centre for Non-for-Profit Law(BG)

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Following decades of transition the majority of Bulgarian citizens do not believe that Bulgaria has democratic governance. A vicious circle can be observed: the environment, regulatory and institutional, seemingly promotes good governance and participation but the practices disappoint, i.e. corruption, abuses, populist political rhetoric. The latter results in low motivation, lack of awareness and culture of participation and dramatic decline in trust in the institutions. Civil society organizations (CSOs) are the natural driver that has the expertise and energy to break this circle, how public trust in them, given that CSOs often fall prey to fake news, is not high. The project aims at improving the quality of public consultations in 7 municipalities and raising civic culture and citizen involvement through the introduction of working modern mechanisms. The proposal will provide for a real opportunity to regulate the rules for public consultations, set up a fund supporting civic initiatives and introduce an online platform for consultations in 7 Bulgarian municipalities. In the course of the project implementation the representatives of NGOs and municipalities will be introduced to successful models of interaction between local authorities and citizens. Based on the latter, proposals will be developed for the introduction of the models through amendments to the legal framework in 7 pilot municipalities. Public discussions of the draft ordinances are planned and they will enable real citizen participation of more than 350 citizens in the adoption of the documents. Local organizations and administrations will be trained to boost their capacity for holding public consultations which will result later in greater public trust in them. The project will use advocacy actions to mobilize public energy to implement innovative solutions for citizen participation.  

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