Civic Hubs in Universities: Activating civic energy for supporting civil society organizations

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Bulgarian Center for Not-for-Profit Law Foundation(BG)
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In implementation
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OFF MEDIA Foundation(BG)

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An important challenge faced by the civil society sector in Bulgaria over the last couple of years has been low recognition among the public of its achievements, role and importance for the development of democracy.. At the same time negative media coverage targeted at CSOs has been on the rise. This situation not only robs CSOs of their energy, supporters and resources but also makes it possible to spread easily stereotypes and fake news about what the organizations do, who pays and what for. The project aims at involving young educated people who are at the beginning of their professional career to “develop a passion for” for civil society causes, disseminate information about them and have the forum for that. Two Civil Hubs will be set up in St. Kliment Ohridski University of Sofia and in Paisiy Hilendarski University of Plovdiv. Students and faculty members, prominent public figures and activists will develop jointly with CSOs more than 40 joint projects and initiatives supporting the activities of CSOs. In addition, youth energy will be mobilized through 105 public events and meetings for students and CSOs (more than 450 participants) and through Our Voice platform (with more than 30 proposals) to solve important issues facing the third sector. Two media companies will be key partners: OFFNews, with a monthly column dedicated to CSOs (with over 24 publications) and Capital Group media which will present a series of publications (over 10) clarifying important issues and providing informative answers to counteract the campaigns smearing the work of CSOs. The project will help: а) bring in fresh and motivated energy in the civil society sector, b) civil society topics and stories to be told by other agents of change, c) thus reaching new and broader audience and d) boost awareness and understanding of democracy and the key role of CSOs for democracy.

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