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Foundation Darik(BG)
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In implementation
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Forty-two Foundation(BG)

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The negative media campaign launched a couple of years ago against civil society organizations (CSOs) inevitably affects the reputation of the civil society sector and will have consequences in the long run for the support of civil society initiatives. Negative coverage has been targeted at CSOs active in the fields governed by specific business interests (for example protests related to the environment), the reform of the judiciary and human rights, minorities and refugees. Advocacy campaigns organized by CSOs are often followed by smearing media coverage focused on the organizations behind the initiatives not on their arguments. Media coverage is one of the main reasons for mistrust of the civil society sector. This project brings together the efforts of two organizations that have been working proactively over the last years to address the three issues mentioned. Darik Foundation and 42 Foundation will carry out together a series of 74 radio shows (aired by Darik Radio with an audience of 1.2 million listeners) and 12 live events to enable the public to meet the people working for CSOs and find out what lies behind their efforts, their motivation and success. Focusing on the people from the civil society sector (CSOs, causes, formations, activists) will enable conditions for transparency in the work of the sector, attracting like-minded people and raising trust. Special emphasis will be made on togetherness or how joint efforts can make a real difference. Our messages will not seek to persuade but be compelling through personal example. Thus more than 86 CSOs and initiatives will be directly included in the project and the outcomes will benefit the society in general. 

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