Informed citizen participation in favor of nature

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Association of Parks in Bulgaria(BG)
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In implementation
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Other Project Partners
BALKANI Wildlife Society(BG)

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Active citizens and groups from across the country seek help from the two organizations – project partners for various environmental problems. The two organizations have excellent expert potential but no financial resources to enable them to invest human resources in helping all the citizens who approached us. The main goal of the project is to raise civic awareness and capacity for protection of the public interest regarding clean environment and preserved nature and provide people with the opportunity to be directly involved in local self-governance. The project will support active citizens and groups for the efficient application of local policies on environment protection and spatial development. The main focus will be on the application of the following acts: the Spatial Development Act (SDA), Act on the Spatial Development of the Black Sea Coast, the Administrative Procedure Code, the Access to Public Information Act, the Direct Citizen Participation in State and Local Government Act, the Environmental Protection Act and the Biological Diversity Act. The civic awareness and capacity of active citizens and civic groups from the 28 districts across the country will be raised through 36 training sessions. Local activists will be introduced to the steps for successful campaigning and the updated guide on the application of 7 laws at local level. 10 local initiatives related to environment will be supported with expertise and legal aid by means of support for the planning and organization of campaigns, expert advice, letters and claims and legal aid. A municipal Ordinance on citizen participation in decision making at local level will be developed and an attempt will be made to have it adopted by at least one municipality. The project will benefit civic activists and organizations from 28 districts and 10 local communities including the broad public.

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