Active Citizens in The Villages

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Project promoter:
Devetaki Plateau Association(BG)
Project Number:
In implementation
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Donor Project Partners:
Norwegian Outdoor Board(NO)
Other Project Partners
Zelenigrad Association(BG)

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Civic culture and motivation for involvement as well as trust in civil society organizations (CSOs) and the institutions in Bulgaria tend to stand at much lower levels than the ones necessary in a democratic society. These trends are particularly prominent in villages where social isolation, unemployment and lack of active young people reduce even further the desire and willingness for involvement in policy-making. The lack of a local legal framework regulating interaction with the public adds to the situation and predetermines low public sensitivity and commitment. The project aims at raising awareness and engagement of local communities in 13 villages in 4 Bulgarian municipalities and enhancing mechanisms for civic participation in making and implementing decisions about local development. The planned training sessions and information meetings will raise the awareness of citizens about the opportunities and benefits from participation. The setting up of modern communication channels will raise their awareness and offset the influence of misleading, often manipulative news. The involvement of villagers in structured public discussions will enable them to take part in local policy making and in the implementation of some of the initiatives proposed by them. The shared experience from Norway about work with local communities and volunteers will help adapt and use modern working models in the villages included in the project which can later on be spread to the other villages in the municipalities. Introducing amendments to the local legislative documents in the municipalities will create durable conditions for the efficient involvement of citizens from small communities in decision making. The project is directly targeted at the members of the two associations that are project partners and the inhabitants of 13 villages in the municipalities of Letnitsa, Lovech, Sevlievo and Veliki Preslav – 4500 people in total. 

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