Building the Next Generation of Civic Leaders

Project facts

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Workshop for Civic Initiatives Foundation(BG)
Project Number:
In implementation
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Pre-defined project “Building the Next Generation of Civic Leaders” shall address the shortage of Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) leaders and staff with specialized skills in fundraising and financial planning, strategic communications, networking and partnerships (especially across sectors), and strategic planning. It shall aim to build leadership skills among young CSO leaders, with a focus on those from under-served areas. 

The main activities shall include:

  • Four thematic training modules for 2 cohorts of trainees, of 30 people each, coming from diverse geographical regions;
  • Post-training meetings in the form of webinars to check the progress of their NGOs in the 4 areas covered during the training;
  • The creation of an Alumni Club for the trainees.


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