Mentorship support for the next generation of Roma health professionals

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Project promoter:
Trust for Social Achievement Foundation(BG)
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In implementation
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Each year the following activities shall take place:

  • Information and recruitment campaigns in collaboration with high schools, universities, regional education inspectorates, NGOs and media;
  • A call for applications for mentors, and selection based on a set of criteria and interviews;
  • Matching of mentors and mentees based on areas of work, location and previous experience (when applicable);
  • A capacity building training for the mentors joining the programme to enhance their mentoring skills;
  • A joint event for mentors and mentees at the end of each academic year.

During the entire period of the project, the project promoter shall further provide:

  • Financial support for mentors and mentees to attend medical seminars and conferences in Bulgaria or abroad;
  • Financial and administrative support for students to initiate and implement initiatives in their communities.


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