Small Bilateral Initiative of Fine Acts Foundation

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Fine Acts Foundation(BG)
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Study tour
Icelandic Human Rights Center(IS)
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"Art, activism, humor, play - shared experience between Bulgaria and Iceland" is an initiative to implement a series of strategic meetings between the "Fine Works" Foundation and selected creative, art and civic organizations from Iceland, with the aim of creating a framework for networking and effective transfer of knowledge and good practices.

Summary of the results

Working meeting with CSOs (14.08.2023): Queer Alliance, Young Environmentalists, Disabilities Alliance, Women''s Rights Association and Hringsjá, Icelandic Human Rights Center. The organized meeting with leading NGOs in Iceland provided an exceptional opportunity for exchange of experience and good practices for successful products and campaigns, but also actively encourage the bilateral relations between Bulgaria and Iceland through the in-depth acquaintance with the context, impact and work of the organizations involved, as well as through targeted conversation about intersections, causes, capacities and interests; Workshop with creative industries (14-18.08.2023): Aldin, Gagarin, Post-dreifing, RUSL & Fúsk, Icelandic Art Center, Iceland Design & Architecture. The meetings with leading creative institutions, collectives and technology companies provided an invaluable opportunity to learn from the experience of these organizations in the realization of creative products, campaigns and projects, but also on their approaches to working with artists, engaging audiences and building communities; Working visits - cultural centers and spaces (14-18.08.2023): Reykjavík Art Museum, National Gallery of Iceland, Andrými, Iceland University of the Arts.  For more information:

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