Small Bilateral Initiative of Volunteer service of educational and social inclusion

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Volunteer service of educational and social inclusion(BG)
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Study tour
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The common goal is for specialists in inclusive education from Bulgaria and Iceland to share practices and curricula for teacher training in an inclusive school environment.
The initiative "Sharing practices for inclusive education" will include 6 Bulgarian specialists in inclusive education who will travel to Iceland to increase their competences in the organization of the inclusive environment and how to include the topic of inclusive education in the curriculum for future teachers.

Summary of the results

As a result of sharing good practices between the partners, the specialist teachers responsible for teacher training have increased their knowledge and skills to build a supportive environment of trainers in Bulgaria and Iceland, as well as for better teaching and inclusion of students with special educational needs. During the visit, presentations were made by the partners on the specifics of the higher education systems in Bulgaria and in Iceland and on the preparation of teachers for the implementation of inclusive education in both countries. Increasing the knowledge of specialists by sharing of  experience and knowledge will contribute to a more conscientious preparation of future teachers to build inclusive classrooms. Each of the participants prepared a report that presented the new aspects and knowledge gained during the visit and information about what and how they will apply in their future work.

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