Green Industry Innovation

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Innovation Norway
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In implementation
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€ 29,700,000
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Programme Summary

Why we support green industry innovation in Romania Encouraging more sustainable production processes, product design and services is good both for the environment and business. Romania has one of the more resource and energy-intensive economies in the EU. To contribute to a shift towards a greener economy, support for development and implementation of green innovative solutions is important, but funding is scarce. Through Norway Grants, financing is available for private enterprises to develop and implement green solutions. All supported projects shall be good for business and for the environment.What the key priorities are and what we will achieve •    Development, implementation and investment in environmentally friendly technologies to manage pollution (e.g. air/water/soil pollution) and to use resources more efficiently. Support for around six projects foreseen. •    Development of innovative green products and services. Support for developing goods and services having less environmental impact (less polluting, less resource-intensive) or less impact on human health. Support for around six projects foreseen.   •    Reduction and re-use of waste. Support mainly for improved material flow in manufacturing and supply-chain as well as use of recycled materials. Support for around four projects foreseen.   •    ‘Greener’ management and production processes. Support for development and implementation of strategies to achieve a ‘greener’ enterprise (e.g. improvements related to the way the business operation is carried out, like management, new business models,  initiatives related to Corporate Social Responsibility, cooperation with environmental network/clusters etc.) Support for around four projects foreseen. •    Eco-innovative business development. Increasing the awareness on the benefits of greening businesses and how this can be done in practice. Support for around 15 projects is foreseen.Priority will be given to projects in less developed regions of Romania.  The projects aim to improve the competitiveness, environmental performance and competence of Romanian companies thereby contributing to sustainable economic development in Romania.Who will benefit The green industry innovation programme has Romanian private enterprises (mainly small and medium-sized enterprises) as the main target group providing grant support to step up eco-innovation and develop green business opportunities. Also NGOs may apply under the small grant scheme. How will bilateral relations be strengthened and what are the partnership opportunities It is expected that small and medium-sized enterprises from Romania and Norway will benefit from the cooperation through exchange of expertise and knowledge and innovation development. Projects with a Norwegian partner will receive additional points when evaluated for funding.