Bilateral Research Cooperation

Key facts

Programme Operator:
The National Centre for Research and Development
Programme ID:
In implementation
Programme Donors:
Research Council of Norway (NFR)
Date of approval:
Total amount:
EEA Grants fund:
Norway Grants fund:
€ 63,180,500

Currently available funding

Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? Research cooperation involving Polish and Norwegian institutions is needed to stimulate the development of research-based knowledge in both countries. With funding set aside for joint research, the programme is expected to strengthen research capacity and cooperation in Poland and Norway.   What will the programme achieve? Funding for joint research projects will allow Polish and Norwegian research communities to pursue common interests and search for solutions to societal challenges. The thematic priority areas of the programme are environment, health, climate change and society. The programme will also support the participation of female researchers in technical sciences. Activities under the programme will also enhance the capacity in management of research programmes.   How will it be achieved? •             Research projects involving Polish and Norwegian research institutions will lead to joint research results, publications and patents. •             Research cooperation will develop and strengthen the relations between research institutions. •             A Small grant scheme will provide small research grants for female researchers in technical disciplines, enabling them to promote their scientific careers. •             Exchange of experience and best practice among institutions operating research programmes will build capacity.   How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The research cooperation programme has a strong focus on bilateral relations and all projects funded by it will be bilateral. At programme level, the Programme Operator (the National Centre for Research and Development) cooperates with the Research Council of Norway in developing and implementing the programme. A Programme Committee composed of representatives of both Polish and Norwegian research communities oversees the selection of projects and implementation of the programme.   What are the partnership opportunities? The main activities of the programme will be partnership projects involving at least one Polish and one Norwegian partner. The maximum project size for the research projects will be €1 million. Norwegian partner(s) may receive up to 40% of the grant size. One main call is foreseen for the research projects, with an application deadline of 30 November 2012.   Who can apply for funding under this programme? Higher education institutions and research organisations are eligible for projects.