Public Health Initiatives

Key facts

Programme Operator:
Ministry of Social Affairs
Programme ID:
In implementation
Programme Donors:
Norwegian Institute of Public Health (FHI)
Date of approval:
Total amount:
EEA Grants fund:
Norway Grants fund:
€ 8,912,000
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Programme Summary

Why is the programme needed? Mental health-related problems are the leading cause in slowing down the increase in life expectancy in Estonia and frequently linked to long-term incapacity to work. Continued activities in reproductive health are also important in order to prevent further disease outbreaks such as the high incidence of HIV in 2000. Similarly, there is a need for continued actions in prisons as a majority of the HIV positive inmates are illicit drug users with high imprisonment rates and frequent co-infections such as Tuberculosis and Hepatitis C. Support is needed to secure early overall interventions, in particular in regard to children and youth, and the current fragmented service provisions in these areas should be replaced by an integrated system of detection, prevention and early treatments. What will the programme achieve? The main areas of action are: - Improvement of mental health services, in particular for children and youth; - Improvement of access to and quality of health services, including reproductive and preventive child health care; - Increased prevention and reduction of lifestyle-related diseases; - Improvement of prevention and treatment of communicable diseases (including HIV/AIDS and TB). How will it be achieved? This will be achieved through the development of a comprehensive integrated system of prevention and early detection with supporting services which aims at spanning health, social and education sectors and introduce centres providing services from all these sectors in one package. A new mental health centre for children will be established at the Tallinn’s Children’s Hospital. The centre will operate as a training centre for professionals and also as a model and hub for the delivery of integrated services for a mental health development network in Estonia. The network shall enable good regional coverage and access to integrated services throughout the whole country. How will bilateral relations be strengthened? The programme has a high ambition for bilateral cooperation as a donor partnership programme with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Cooperation with other donor state partners is also expected to take place under the bilateral fund. What are the partnership opportunities? Since having a Norwegian partner is a requirement for all the projects, the programme is very well suited for bilateral partnerships. Interested entities can apply for funds of up to €30 000 on the basis of having at least one Estonian and one Norwegian partner under the bilateral fund. Who can apply for funding under this programme? There will be three open calls for proposals under the programme. Eligible applicants are entities qualified as health care providers, non-profit legal entities or research and development institutions in Estonia.