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Judicial capacity-building and cooperation

Fair judicial proceedings are a fundamental pillar of a democratic state. Independent, effective and efficient courts are vital for social and economic development. Improving the effectiveness of the courts, including case-handling systems, is an important priority for Norway through the Grants.

Norway supports programmes in six countries in this field to help to develop fairer and more efficient judicial systems in the beneficiary countries.

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Read about the programme in each country to find out what activities are funded, how to apply, or how to get involved as a partner.

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For applicants

Funding is available for entities registered in the six beneficiary countries. These may include, inter alia, legal and courts administrations.

For partners

The Norwegian Courts Administration is involved as a donor programme partner in several countries and can assist Norwegian entities who wish to get involved as partners.

Project partnerships between entities in Norway and the beneficiary countries are also encouraged. 

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Project stories, news and features


Building trust with a new court house


Thousands of neglected cases, too few judges and complaints about corruption have given Croatia’s courts a bad reputation. A new court house, a new filing system and training of staff can make a difference.

A more efficient judiciary


In Croatia, the quality and efficiency of the Croatian judicial system is being strengthened by bringing its practices in line with European standards.

Increasing human rights competence within the courts


The number of complaints against Bulgaria before the European Court of Human Rights has been significantly reduced. According to the Bulgarian Ministry of Justice, this is a result of sending Bulgarian judges and experts for a placement at the Court.