EEA and Norway Grants 2009-2014: Roma inclusion study 2016 - Final report

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2016 Study on Roma inclusion under the 2009-2014 funding period. The study was conducted by PITIJA, Svetovanje d.o.o. and was published in June 2016.

Main findings:

  • There is evidence of a significant increase in the number of Roma NGOs successfully applying for EEA and Norway Grants, compared to the previous Financial Mechanism.
  • High-quality project partnerships have been formed in some of the larger projects between Project Promoters and local NGOs. 
  • Regarding institutional capacity on Roma inclusion; the emphasis on mainstreaming the Roma inclusion concern has produced some positive effects on institutional awareness and raised the profile of Roma inclusion concern. This is in particular relevant for those state institutions which do not feature Roma inclusion as a key part of their remit.
  • The EEA and Norway Grants are well suited to fund innovative or pilot approaches with potential for scaling up or mainstreaming.