EEA and Norway Grants 2004-2009: Review of Norwegian partnership projects

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Evaluations and Reviews


Review of Norwegian partnership projects during the 2004-2009 funding period. The review was conducted by Scanteam and was published in March 2008.

Main findings: 

  • There are 98 Norwegian institutions which are quoted as partners in the 145 partnership projects. 25 of these are partners in more than one project.
  • The biggest category of Norwegian partnership institutions is “Private business companies” with 21 of the institutions (21.4 %). There are 18 institutions (18.4 %) in each of the two categories “Research institutions” and “Regional and local government”. There are 11 higher education institutions (11.2 %) and nine museums (9.2 %).
  • There is a need for necessary access to information on potential partners. Furthermore such new partnerships depend on adequate time to find and build the relations.
  • Steps should be taken to better disseminate information to the public and relevant institutions on possibilities for and achievements from partnerships.
  • A clear policy document with expected objectives for bilateral relations should be developed.