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Getting Closer to Children


Project Facts

Project objective: Empowerment of vulnerable groups
Project promoter: Naruc
Type of institution: Other type of NGO
Project number: SK10-0069
Target group(s): Children ,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 19,867
Final project costs: € 18,455
From EEA Grants: € 16,610
The project is carried out in: Žilinský kraj

Summary of project results


Violence against children is a very serious problem, and the number children helped by the social-legal protection system is not sufficient. Therefore, it is essential to take preventive measures, including reaching out to children who have the potential to break their internal barriers and speak about the problem of violence and how to deal with it. The results will remain sustainable through the organisation’s advocacy activities through which it promotes the prevention of violence against children and its inclusion in the national strategy of the children’s protection from violence. The objective of the project was to strengthen the preventive programs and increase the use of the internet and social media to help children at risk of violence. In long term, the positive impacts of the project rest in the employees’ flexibility to provide their clients distance counselling and crisis intervention. The outcome of the project: Seminars for children and teachers helped spread the awareness about the forms of violence, its warning signals and the ways of protection. A study was written about the efficiency of prevention programs targeting violence against children. The planned outcome was fully met. Main outputs: 1 work position created in prevention of children’s abuse and neglect; 42 seminars/747 children/42 classes /10 schools/46 teachers involved in prevention seminars; 1 survey focused on the prevalence of violence against children (747 questionnaires); 1 new website; 1 online counselling site (74 children); 1 FB group (21 children); 4,200 information materials Beneficiaries were involved Children gained information about the risk of violence in families, and ways of helping CAN victims were shared. NGO employees increased their expertise in online counselling. School teachers gained information about the procedures to be followed in cases of children threatened by violence and were given contact information about aid organisations.


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