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Pentagon differently


Project Facts

Project objective: Empowerment of vulnerable groups
Project promoter: Children's Fund of the Slovak Republic
Type of institution: Service provision organization (NGO)
Project number: SK10-0066
Target group(s): Roma,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 30,447
Final project costs: € 29,914
From EEA Grants: € 26,923
The project is carried out in: Bratislavsk√Ĺ kraj

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


Children and youth of the Pentagon locality (Bratislava) spend their time wandering around, getting no attention. They are excluded from their environment which is well known for its high criminality rate. They don't trust official institutions, are not aware and enforce their rights. Social services are non-existent or difficult to find. The project aimed to provide preventive, open, and safe environment to children and youth at risk and decrease their exclusion from society through community, participatory, and educational activities. Thanks to preventive measures, 231 children/young people will be better prepared for life. They will be able to handle critical situations easier, have developped more advanced social skills, better chances at the labour market and more likely to continue their studies at high schools. 111 family memmers participated in the activities also. 800 parents and residents of Pentagon were contacted, 29 NGO employees involved in education, 500 copies of Pentagon newspaper distributed. Beneficiaries were involved through active leisure time activities in a safe, open, motivational and colourful environment. Children and youth also gained new information and skills (things yet unknown to them and undeveloped), which can have a direct impact on their every-day life. The organisation employees gained new competencies. The sustainability is based on the strategies of the SR, the goal of which is to implement solutions for social inclusion of Roma communities and crime prevention. Long-term impact of the project is contribution to social inclusion of Pentagon youth and the Pentagon neighbourhood itself in the standard urban life of Bratislava.


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