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Project Facts

Project objective: Empowerment of vulnerable groups
Project promoter: PRO VIDA civic association
Type of institution: Foundation
Project number: SK10-0065
Target group(s): Young adults,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 30,102
Final project costs: € 28,385
From EEA Grants: € 25,547
The project is carried out in: Trnavský kraj

Summary of project results


Considering the difficult life situation of children growing up in children’s homes, the process of them becoming independent and integrated in the society is extremely challenging without additional support. Many young people are not able to handle the situation and find themselves at the margins of society – they become homeless, prostitutes, drug addicts, thieves, some end up in prison, others borrow money from non-bank institutions and the debts consequently prevent them from leading an ordinary, happy life.The project therefore focused on increasing the efficiency of the process of gaining independence by children leaving children’s homes and helping them to start an independent life. The project goal was achieved throgh a number of 13 mechanisms improving the cooperation between individual sectors of society. In the activities, such as trainings, 55 disadvantaged children and young people involved and 55 volunteers helped. The created programme was spread also to other regions, using 10 methodological materials and promotion campaigns. Beneficiaries were involved mainly through their active gaining of life skills which are needed for independent life outside a children’s home. The project’s sustainability is based on the use of the volunteering potential of local communities, which significantly decreases the expenses of organisations in the implementation of the proposed system of help and support to young people in children’s homes. In long term, the project triggered changes in the approach to young people leaving children’s homes in the moment, when, for them, well targeted help and support can be crucial for the rest of their lifes.


The information on this page has been provided by the programme operator.