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Students on the track of totality


Project Facts

Project objective: Active citizenship fostered
Project promoter: Milan Simecka Foundation
Type of institution: Advocacy organization (NGO)
Project number: SK10-0055
Target group(s): Students,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 46,134
Final project costs: € 46,133
From EEA Grants: € 41,520
The project is carried out in: Slovakia

Summary of project results


The Slovak society is facing a persisting problem of resignation and apathy in terms of civic engagement and participation in public affairs. This situation impacts also the young generations, which consequently grow up in impassivity and indifference. The main objective of the project was therefore to actively engage students in documenting the era of communism, normalization and the events of November '89 from the point of view of ordinary people. Within the project, the high school students documented and processed information about the events of the Velvet revolution in November '89 in their own cities or regions. The results of their work were presented on a Student Day, as part of the Remember November event. The project enabled involvement of 15 schools, where 69 students practically worked on documenting the important period in the past of the Slovak society. 1,400 participants then attended the presentations and Remember November event. Project also delivered 15 student sub-projects, 3 methodological workshops and 500 copies of the students’ work catalogue. The main target groups were students of high schools, who had a chance to learn about the events they had no personal experience with. Teachers were provided an opportunity to participate in a non-formal education activities which also outlined number of the possibilities of how to include historical topics in the process of education focused on improving attitudes. The results of the project will be maintained through continual activities and dissemination of the produced documents. The long-term impact of the project lies in motivation and involvement of young people in dealing with public issues.


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