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Watch BBSK


Project Facts

Project objective: Active citizenship fostered
Project promoter: QUO VADIS
Type of institution: Advocacy organization (NGO)
Project number: SK10-0052
Target group(s): Roma,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 55,556
Final project costs: € 55,556
From EEA Grants: € 50,000
The project is carried out in: Banskobystrick√Ĺ kraj

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


Election of new governor of the Banska Bystrica region who represents extremist and neo-nacist party was consequence of "protest" voting of large part of voters who didn't vote for established politicians. However, his election de-facto legitimized and increased seriousness of his long-term acting and speaking against Roma communities (often it was hate speech). That is why project WatchBBSK focused on monitoring and evaluation of governor's activities and expressions (adding also transparency and coruption in a focus) in order to prevent public against governor's hate speech. Project reached its outcomes which were either to increase sensistivity of public to and to subdue of hate speech and corruption of the regional governer and his office. Project consisted of several components: watchdog of work and communication of the regional administration and its representatives, collecting of experience and opinion of public representatives (mostly mayors) on regional governor, proposing of measures to improve position of Roma communities, networking, awareness raising and campaign targeted to public and to schools. Many outputs were delivered: 3 reports of regional office monitoring, set of 24 events to increase awareness of public, comprehensive network of 22 collaborating organisations and 53 active individuals active in eliminating of hate speech, set of 5 proposals of measures to improve position of Roma, set of educational activities on 7 schools and others. The partner was responsible mostly for education and awareness raising in schools.


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