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Campaign to keep the freedom of information law powerful


Project Facts

Project objective: Active citizenship fostered
Project promoter: Transparency International Slovakia
Type of institution: Advocacy organization (NGO)
Project number: SK10-0047
Target group(s): Non governmental organisation,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 54,050
Final project costs: € 36,259
From EEA Grants: € 32,633
The project is carried out in: Slovakia

Summary of project results


Free Access to Information Act is a key instrument of public control of the state institutions. The law, now 15 years old, has not been so fiercely attacked in the its history as in last this years. Both the government and many mayors claimed too high administrative demandings of this act and misusing of the law and requested limitation of the access to information. Their main proposal aimed to introduces fees for access to information and to limiting the data availabale from state-owned companies. Project aimed to defend the law through a campaign and negotiations of more NGOs . At the end, the law was not amended yet, also thanks to this project, and even some possible compromises were indicated by state administration. The project delivered more of interesting outputs. Three transparency rankings (of local authorities, regional authorities and state-companies) showed attitude of public institutions to transparency. The public opinion pool analyzed how much people use tools of transparency. More than 250 local activists in ahole Slovakia were trained in 9 seminars about using of the Free Access to Information Act and how to defend the right of public to information. The project promoter organised seminar for political parties about how to implement the Free Access to Information Act. Comparative desk research of free access to information in Central European countries was carried on. The topic of the Free Access to Information Act was also promoted in number of articles. The main final benefit of the project consists of increased awareness and sensitivity of public abouth the Free Access to Information Act and increase ability of public to use this act in practise.


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