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Nota Bene / The Baggage Man


Project Facts

Project objective: Active citizenship fostered
Project promoter: Proti prudu
Type of institution: Community-based Organization (NGO)
Project number: SK10-0041
Target group(s): People at risk of poverty,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 68,491
Final project costs: € 68,491
From EEA Grants: € 61,642
The project is carried out in: Bratislavsk√Ĺ kraj

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


Homeless people are excluded from society. They have no job, no regular income. They are losing basic living abilities, social relations, self-esteem. Most of them are still interested in improving of situation, however their personal situation hinders it. That is why project objectives was to increase employability of homelesses and provide them opportunity of income, self-respect and social contacts. Main methods were selling of the Nota Bene street magazine by homelesses people and providing jobs to them via luggage carrying at the Central Train station in Bratislava. 10 luggage porters were provided not only by jobs but some of them also got individual assistance in solving their debts and other problems. The assistance group was established in which porters were providedand by legal and financial consulting and assistance. Thanks it some of them are on the good way to get out of problems. So, the project clearly showed that issue of homelessness is solvable by improving of living framework of homeless people. Beside luggage carrying 5 issues of Nota Bene were produced so the street magazine programme as a tool was countinued. In addition, several events were organized - not only presentation in schools and discussions, but also a large international conference on issues of homelessness. The role of the partner was to provide know-how of similar well developed activity in Norway, they also participated in some events and organized trips in Norway.

Bilateral results


The Norwegian partner contributed to the project in a large scale. One aspect was transfer of know-how of the street magazine. Not only layout was improved but also new approaches were delivered and they will be used in further the Nota Bene magazine development (e.g. special Xmass issue, etc.). However, the knowhow tranfer was wider than only a magazine. Slovak and Norwegian methodologies of work with drug/alcohol addicts were compared during partners visits and presented on the internarnation conference organised within the project in Slovakia. Though Norwegian approach is not fully applicable in Slovakia, this comparision influences further development of Slovak programme. Slovak partner seriously deliberates launching SMS payment for Nota Bene as it is already implemented in Oslo. Slovak partner learned that it is important to provide homeless people with necessary services (food, accomodation, etc.) at place they live, usually city centres, as in Oslo. In Slovakia these services are usually provided on the city edges what does not solve a situation. Further collaboration of partners is anticipated.


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