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Project Facts

Project objective: Increased green job creation and entrepreneurship
Project promoter: The Central Control and Testing Institute in Agriculture
Type of institution: National agency
Project number: SK07-0009
Target group(s): Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME), Researchers or scientists,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 2,500,000
Final project costs: € 2,008,041
From Norway Grants: € 1,706,835
The project is carried out in: Slovakia

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This is a project under the programme: Green Industry Innovation

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The project was needed to build laboratories with technologies that were lacking in Slovakia so far. The newly built biogas laboratory in TSÚP is similar to a laboratory located at the Norwegian partner NMBU. Thanks to the project, a biofilm reactor was installed at the SPU partner in Kolíňany near Nitra. SPU and TSÚP can continue to work closely together and engage in complex research on potential of biomass. The goal of the project was fully achieved because 4 new environmental technologies were introduced, 6 green jobs created and 100 tons of biomass used by the SPU partner. In order to achieve the planned results, it was necessary to acquire and install the biofilm reactor at the SPU partner in Kolíňany, acquiring and installing a solid boiler for biomass at TSÚP Rovinka. The boiler was supplied by the Slovak partner of the project BIOMASA. Furthermore, the introduction of new technologies and procedures needed to work in the newly built biogas laboratory at TSÚP and to work with the granule bioreactor as part of the transfer of knowledge of Norwegian experts to Slovakia. It was planned to introduce 4 new enviromental technologies and their implementation was realized, namely in the form of: 1. technology of pellet boiler processing solid biomass, 2. Biogas reactor technology, 3. Granule bioreactor technology and 4. Biofilm reactor technology. As part of the ambition to increase green jobs creation, 6 jobs were originally created. The planned 100 tons biomass was actually processed by biofilm reactor in Kolíňany, with the processed biomass used for testing and research.

Bilateral results


As part of the successful bilateral cooperation, 6 training courses led by Norwegian partners and experts to transfer knowledge to Slovakia. Two researchers from the Slovak Republic took part in a study trip to Norway, where they learned how to operate granule bioreactor, use a control program, and gained a lot of new knowledge from biogas research. The transfer and exchange of knowledge in the field of research continues to exist thanks to active communication with Norwegian partners and their willingness to share our findings and knowledge with us. The SPU Partner, based on the installed biofilm reactor from Norway, can also explore a substrate with a higher energy content than household waste or food industry waste. Biological waste will have the potential to become a valuable nutritional contribution in agriculture. Bilateral partnership has helped to install high-tech technologies in Slovakia. Although the conditions in Slovakia and Norway are different, both Slovak and Norwegian partners have the same goals and see some promising ideas as well as dry fermentation and biofuels as possible areas for future cooperation.


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