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Restoration of the former Benedictine monastery in Hronský Benadik to make it available to the general public and improve the tourism infrastructure


Project Facts

Project objective: Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected
Project promoter: The Roman Catholic Church, bishopric Nitra
Type of institution: Other
Project number: SK05-0020
Target group(s): Students, Entrepreneurs,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 598,459
Final project costs: € 598,101
From EEA Grants: € 432,128
The project is carried out in: Banskobystrický kraj

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The aim of the project was to save the important part of national cultural heritage for future generations and make the premises of the Benedictine Monastery accessible to tourist, local inhabitants and general public. The object of former Benedictine Monastery, namely Granary bastion was in disturbed technical state before the project implementation. Within the complex, only the church was open for the public and not regularly. The mail activity of the project was the restoration of Granary bastion within Monastery complex of Benedictine Monastery (the first aboveground floors, which allovs public access to this cultural heritage monument and highlights its heritage value. During the project, 1972m2 of interior and exterior facades was restored, 845m2 of floor renovated and 22 windows/door renovated. After the project implementation the church is opened regularly and a complete tourist infrastructure has been developed for this historic site. The reconstruction of Granary bastion is going to extend the scope of the Hronsky Benadik for cultural tourism and it will have positve impact on the region.


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