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HraMoKa – restoration baroque halls of Modrý Kameň Castle for a puppet theatre, regional history and creative workshops for children and youth


Project Facts

Project objective: Cultural heritage made accessible to the public
Project promoter: Slovak National Museum
Type of institution: National agency
Project number: SK05-0012
Target group(s): Children , Roma,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 601,323
Final project costs: € 601,323
From EEA Grants: € 434,456
The project is carried out in: Banskobystrický kraj

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The project HraMoKa is focused on the restoration of a baroque hall of Modrý Kameň Castle and its use for a wide range of cultural activities, in particular puppet theatre, exhibitions related to the history of region as well as interactive workshops for children and youth. After the restoration of the hall a large space suitable for multicultural purposes was created and available for organizing workshops for children, youth, socially disadvantage and disabled people as well as ethnical and other minorities. The reconstruction of the hall has also contribute to strengthen the cooperation with our partners (foster homes, educational counselling centres and providers of social services) in particular via many educational programs, workshops or other events . In order to disseminate knowledge about the Castle and the history of the region, the new exhibition was established. The HraMoKa project has been designed to create opportunities for working with children and young people, to enable creative encounters with theatre production, visual art, music and exhibition projects and the broadening of the offer of cultural events and possibilities provided to the visitors. Of course, it does not exclude other visitors either and welcomes senior citizens as well as people with disabilities, national minorities and other culturally diverse groups. The specialized programs of the School in the Museum long-term project is carried out in the newly reconstructed premises. The historically most important and oldest part of the manor, the Renaissance-Baroque Column Hall in the eastern wing, currently severely damaged due to inappropriate interventions in the 20thcentury, was reconstructed within the project. The historical plasters, windows, doors and five original Renaissance-Baroque columns was restored under professional surveillance of restorers to preserve their artistic value and crafts qualities. In addition, heating system was installed to increase the comfort of the visitors. The premises was barrier-free to enable access to all visitors.The project “HraMoKa - Reconstruction of the Baroque Halls for the Purposes of Regional History, Puppet Theatre and Creative Workshops for Children and Youth”has not only been aimed at preserving the historical and architectural values of this cultural monument, but it also contributes to the specialisation of the Museum determines the target groups of its visitors, including children, young people, families, but also senior citizens.

Bilateral results


For the purposes of the project, the Museum has found a Norwegian partner - Kulturproduktsjoner, Oslo -an institution dedicated to creativeperforming activities with children and youth. The Slovak project partner has been the Department of Puppetry at the Academy of Performing Arts. The partners cooperated to accomplish the main objective of the project, i.e. facilitating creative activities with children, youth people as well as other groups of visitors, supporting creativity through specialized programs within the School in the Museum and,in particular, promoting all forms of puppetry. Norvegian Partner was invited to the University of Bratislava to give a workshop. There was eight participants from Norway. He brought an assistant for the work, that also lead parts of the workshop. The slovak partner was the project leader for the work at the University in Bratislava.The workshop was last for a week, and take place in Bratislava. After a week, the workshop moved to ModryKamen, and the students from the Akershus University of Oslo, Department of Art, Design and Drama at the Faculty of Applied Sciences showd their work there. Together with the Slovak students - future puppet actors, they had to prepare a presentation of modern puppet theatre and present their performance on January 25-26,2017 during the closing event in the SNM - Museum of Puppet Cultures and Toys at the Castle of Modrý Kameň and, as part of the seminar attended by the children and youth from the regional art schools.


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