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Suburbium of Bardejov - rescue, recovery and restoration of the Old Synagogue


Project Facts

Project objective: Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected
Project promoter: Central Union of Jewish Religious Communities in Slovakia
Type of institution: Faith-based organization (NGO)
Project number: SK05-0004
Target group(s): Non governmental organisation, Young adults,
Status: In Progress
Initial project cost: € 614,357
From EEA Grants: € 443,873
The project is carried out in: Prešovský kraj

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Project summary


The Jewish Suburbia is a unique complex of Jewish ritual buildings. The significance of this urban complex is recognised and it is on the UNESCO heritage list. The aim of the project is to restore and recover the Old Synagogue and to create a multicultural public space. After the completion of the restoration, the complex shall become vivid through cooperation with civic association Vita in Suburbia, and concerts, seminars, theater and other events will be held there. After the plinths of the interior plasters are stabilized, it is necessary to continue a thorough restoration, fixation and retouching of paintings. The project itself is primarily intended for residents and tourists from other parts of Slovakia and from abroad, students and anyone interested in history and cultural traditions. The Jewish community of Oslo is involved in this project and providing opportunities for exchange of knowledge and experience which is a core element of the cooperation, contributing to the achievement of the projects objective to restore and revitalise the Old Synagogue.


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