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Business and Environmental Approach for Sustainable Use and Recovery of Resources


Project Facts

Project objective: Realisation of the business opportunities of greening of the European economy
Project promoter: SC Ritmic Com SRL
Type of institution: Small or medium sized enterprise (SME)
Project number: RO17-0009
Target group(s): Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME),
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 802,943
Final project costs: € 815,585
From Norway Grants: € 450,000
The project is carried out in: Nord-Est

More information

This is a project under the programme: Green Industry Innovation

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The Project promoter has succeed to create a sustainable business that is serving the adjacent rural communities.Through this project, the Promoter managed to put in place an installation for manufacturing new PET bottles, textiles, films and other products out of plastic waste that is collected from rural communities placed in promoter's vicinity. The installation works in batches of PET producing 200 recycled PET per hour, contributing to the doubling of the promoter's fixed capital.

Bilateral results


Smooth collaboration with the Norwegian Partner during this implementation phase of the Project (March-April 2016), its swift reaction and contribution led to rapid & consensual decision making and enabled the progress of the BESURE Project as planned. Our partner was of valuable help in indicating the right technical solutions for a. the wastewater system b. for possible extra equipment to be aquired from Project savings, c. for achieving decent work conditions at the site of the plastic processing line (heating and ventilation).


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