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Institutional Change for International Exchange of Students with Disabilities


Project Facts

Project objective: Increased and strengthened institutional cooperation at all levels of the education sector (school education, higher education, vocational training/education and adult education) between Beneficiary and EEA EFTA States
Project promoter: West University of Timisoara
Type of institution: University, college or other teaching institution, research institute or think-tank
Project number: RO15-0074
Target group(s): Students, Teachers, trainers, managers, leaders and other staff within higher education institutions,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 37,940
Final project costs: € 29,484
From EEA Grants: € 23,882
The project is carried out in: Timiş

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This is a project under the programme: Scholarships
Programme area: Scholarships

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


The project adresed a problematic aspect of equal and sustained/sustainable access of students with disabilities to international mobilities. The results, the intellectual outputs and project activities have been and continue to be disseminated through a network of partners, as well as the project website. They have also been presented within the project's events, a mutual learning workshop and a closing conference. As the aim of the project was to both raise awareness and engender institutional development, the impact of the project has reached various target groups within the academic communities of the consortium partners and secondary partners of the consortium universities (students, student unions, administrative staff and academic staff). Target groups benefits included a complex and comprehensive perspective on international mobilities for students with disabilities, as speakers and participants have included students with disabilities and professionals dealing with disability and international mobilities at university level. The intellectual outputs included an Evaluation Tool for HEIs, a State of the Art Report, a White Paper and a Manual on Institutional Development, concerning the topic of the project, all of them having been delivered and benefiting from partners' and stakeholders' feedback. The donor state partner, University of Agder, coordinated the development of the Evaluation Tool for HEIs.

Bilateral results


The donor state partner coordinated the development of the Evaluation Tool for HEIs in regards to supporting international mobilities for students with disabilities and its' content is outstanding, with additional efforts having been made in order to include evaluation for support for academic staff with disabilities, an aspect left out in the project, but very useful. The partnership has led towards two knowledge/practice sharing events: a Mutual Learning Workshop and a Conference on the topic of the project, reuniting various stakeholders: students, student unions, academic and administrative staff working in international relations or disability offices, university management staff, etc. Intellectual outputs include: Evaluation tool for HEIs' services, State of the Art Report, White Paper, Manual on institutional change. These have offered opportunities for networking between the above mentioned stakeholders for achieving the objects of the project in terms of ensuring equal access of students with disabilities to international mobilities and will be followed up by a more in-depth transnational project application on specific courses for students with disabilities.


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