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The Bridge of good governance


Project Facts

Project objective: Advocacy and watchdog role developed
Project promoter: Romanian Academic Society
Type of institution: Grass root initiative (NGO)
Project number: RO09-0284
Target group(s): Non governmental organisation, Civil servants/Public administration staff,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 82,851
Final project costs: € 79,534
From EEA Grants: € 0
The project is carried out in: Romania

More information

Project website

This is a project under the programme: Funds for Non-governmental Organisations
Priority sector: Civil Society

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


This project contributed to the overall increase in transparency of the public administration, and encouraged good governance and respect for human rights, both in Romania and the Republic of Moldova, especially given the lack of transparency in the state institutions of these two countries. These objectives were achieved by monitoring the overall transparency of the decision-making process and a comparative analysis on the degree of implementation of laws regarding freedom of access to information. In the framework of the project, a coalition of transparency and human rights-focused NGOs was established. The project also enabled citizens and the civil society from the two countries to apply the legal provisions on freedom of access to information. The target group consisted of: 500 journalists, 500 local and central public authorities, 20 online communities, 30 local activists, 2000 online visitors on the platforms. The beneficiaries were: 30 volunteers, representatives of the civil society, 100 NGOs and over 500 citizens interested in good governance. The Romanian Academic Society’s (SAR) involvement, along with its two partners, each partner with its own sustainable online platform, contributed to the visibility of the project’s results and also helped with the dissemination of the project’s information to other NGOs and citizens. By establishing an effective collaboration between www.romaniacurata.ro and the www.moldovacurata.md platforms, all the information SAR and its partners had gathered has been centralised and published. A common online space was thus created, where only information with verified content was published. The information was meant to build trust and stimulate citizens to inform themselves concerning state institutions’ activities, increasing the overall civic involvement in the monitoring process.


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