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Adapt For Change - Improve the success of reforestation in semi-arid areas: adaptation to climate change scenario


Project Facts

Project objective: Increased capacity to assess vulnerability to climate change
Project promoter: FFCUL - Foundation of the Faculty of Sciences-Lisbon University
Type of institution: University, college or other teaching institution, research institute or think-tank
Project number: PT04-0002
Target group(s): Researchers or scientists,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 103,377
Final project costs: € 99,623
From EEA Grants: € 84,680
The project is carried out in: Portugal

More information

Project website

This is a project under the programme: Adaptation to Climate Change
Priority sector: Climate Change

Project partnership(s)

What will the partnership achieve?

Summary of project results


Large areas in Alentejo have been reforested in the last decades with the native species cork and holm –oaks, but experiencing a low success rate. This project intended to learn from this reforestation campaigns, from the last 40 years, to understand what methods used showed best results and success rates. Natural regeneration is an important component of the reforestation success. From the analysis of its occurrence, resulted a model (available at the website) that allows identification of specific zones in Mértola (Alentejo), where natural regeneration is favoured or needs assistance to occur, and what techniques are more adequate in each case. Detailed plans are of extreme importance, namely in areas of complex topography. There is not a single “recipe” that results everywhere in the country. For a good cost/benefit relation, reforestations need to be adapted to the climate. Other results from this analysis of past reforestations are being prepared to be published in scientific peer reviewed journals, to reach a wider audience, being 3 already in preparation. Another important result from AdaptForChange is the “Mértola Climatic Change Adaptation Plan” for the sector of forests and agriculture (available at the website). It’s an innovative document in Portugal, by its methods, and for which an implementation compromise was signed (at the closing seminar) by the mayor of Mértola municipality and other decision stakeholder institutions: ADPM, ICNF, Cooperativa Agrícola do Guadiana, together with the coordinator of the AdaptForChange project. It is an instrument of management, directed at guiding forests and agriculture to a sustainable future, considering the climatic change scenarios and evaluating their impacts over the territory. It was developed in close contact with the farmers, land owners, managers and other interested stakeholders. The involvement with the community is also expected from the release of free e-books based on the project conclusions, in a simple and accessible language. The ebook themes are about good practices for semiarid regions: for soil and water conservation; for enhancing ecosystem services in reforestations; and for alternative activities in forests. These documents are planned to be updated if new information is made available.

Bilateral results


Participation of the Norwegian partner cChange: Data processing and analysis of successful reforestation; preparation of manuscripts to be submitted in scientific journals; development and implementation of the Forest Natural Regeneration Model online application; preparation of report on the impact of actions; ebook preparation; logistics of the final seminar and preparation of presentations for this seminar; dissemination of the project through congresses and press releases.


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