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Sea Meetings


Project Facts

Project objective: Increased awareness of and education in integrated marine and inland water management
Project promoter: ASPEA-Portuguese Association of Environmental Education
Type of institution: Other
Project number: PT02-0002
Target group(s): Children , Young adults,
Status: Completed
Initial project cost: € 18,134
Final project costs: € 16,975
From EEA Grants: € 13,647
The project is carried out in: Portugal

Summary of project results


According to the proposals and guidelines established in the application, sessions were held at partner schools to present the project and the principles of ocean literacy, disseminating knowledge about ocean and coastal zones. In addition to these introductory sessions, students had the opportunity to deepen some topics through workshops / lectures held by specialists, and also had the presence of the technical pedagogical team of the project to facilitate and guide the organization of events. There were 6 events Encontros de Mar, mainly by the students, supported by the teachers and technical-pedagogical support team of the project. The students were responsible for outlining the program and selecting the guest speakers, and focused on the dissemination of events and logistics. The works produced were exposed on the days of the events and made available on the project web page. There were also four editions of the teacher training course From Rivers to Oceans: Strategies and Practices in Environmental Education. The Project developed the creation of online platforms, such as a web page and facebook group, counting on the articulation between social networks, in order to contribute to give visibility to the initiatives and works produced by ASPEA and by the participants in the different actions and, consequently , for a greater dissemination of the Project. As main products and material results were developed and designed posters, roll up and pencil, a PowerPoint presentation as a way of presenting the theme and dissemination of the project to mobilize school groups, and in the scope of teacher training were designed powerpoint presentations. Project website:


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